3 Reasons to Read Inside Fitness Magazine



Get access to workouts, training tips, and advice to help you on your path to being fit.



Learn how to fuel your body with detailed diet and nutrition plans that help you achieve your fitness goals without leaving you hungry.


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Get targeted information on how to achieve your fitness goals while maintaining your health and lifestyle.


Since starting in the fitness industry over 8 years ago I have been an avid reader of IFM. They have had continued success in this industry while remaining true and loyal to their readers, offering not only information on what is trending but acknowledging those in all aspects of fitness. I personally have had many opportunities with the magazine. They have featured me as well as my workshops and seminars plus highlighted some of my clients amazing transformations, to just recently being named the 2014 Hot & Fit 100 winner.
Nadine DumasHot & Fit 100 winner, 2014